Age 44

I moved to Glendale, AZ, to a nice 2-bedroom (3/)multistory w/ build-in garage. It was a nice slice in a long string of apartment homes. Where each unit is a slice off a loaf. The remote control garage is on the ground floor. Once parked inside, which can have a “little” room for storage, you would exit via a door at the back of the garage, this door opens into an interior hallway with another door opposite it coming from the unit next door’s garage. This “common” private stairway goes up one flight of stairs ending at a landing with two doors, each above ones own garage enters their unit. This “first floor” is really on the 2nd floor of the building and does have a front entrance which is accessible by stairs and may or may not be connected to a landing that connects to the unit next door.

Once on the main floor you would notice that above the stairs from the garage is another set going up to a loft above. This loft is a master bedroom with bath and shower.



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