Age 8

It was just days after my parents separated, with my mother, my sister, and myself moved out of “our family home”, the one my parents purchased the year prior in our move to the valley; into a 3-bedroom (1100+/- sq ft) apartment. We have “lived” there for a small number of days (<9), so on the 3, 4, 5? day after my parents broke up the EARTH SHOCK… at seconds after 6am Tuesday, February 9, 1971 the Sylmar earthquake (6.5Mₛ,6.6Mw,XI) woke my ass. I do have to state for the record my mother was incredibly calm and as such I have come to love earthquakes and enjoy the “E” Ticket Ride*. It’s one of the reasons I have chosen to live in California most all my life. I enjoy the reminder that Gaia has power humans don’t.

During the 1994 Northridge earthquake (6.7Mw), I was that calm parent myself to my 8 year old twins.

* See I view Earthquakes was nature’s way of reminding us of whose rock it is anyways… But also an incredible rush, the power, the raw strength of the movement of the planet below is just awesome.

The Ultimate “E-ticket” ride.


For the record, I live on the San Andreas Fault in Frazier Park, and future beach front property.


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