Age 40

Angel was given to me by Kim, well more specifically 1 year to the day (+1?) from Felix’s death, she took me to the animal shelter in Castaic; where after spending an hour looking at all the cats while holding one I found hidden inside a cat ‘cave’ (structure, with carpet). I got there, went in the room, looked around and saw this one hidden, pulled it out, and saw it was a Maine Conn, I said not another one. Well after holding it for an hour, and not finding another, and reminding myself many times… I walked out with “this cat”. Kim said, “aw, what an angel” as I was holding her walking to the car to get a ride back to the office (Kim drove).

From the time stamps in my album she first arrived at 5:02pm on Tuesday Aug 24, 2004, with a series of photos that continue until 5:30pm that evening. Others are from Friday Aug 27 & September 1.

She lived 18+ years, dying in Feb, 2023.



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