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Following is relayed from MBBS Headquarters RCP/M in Los Angeles, is
Tom Tcimpidis' follow-up to his first message re: the seizure last week
by LAPD/Pacific Telephone of his BBS:

Msg#: 46     Date: 05/22/84 2:54 PM
  To: ALL

     I, today, talked with Peggy Watt who is the legal editor
for Infoworld. I gave her a synopsis of what occurred and
the names an numbers of the indivduals involved. She is going
to look into the matter and see what she can determine through
her contacts (she agrees that the situations seem out of line)
and then get back to me. (I have also received quries from
the L.A. Times and KCBS TV.)
     She would also be interested in sitting in on a meeting of
the Sysops of various systems (something Lynzie of DYM69
suggested) to discuss the situation and what can be done to
rectify and prevent it. I would like to arrange such a meeting
as soon as possible. Please call me at 366-4837 and we will
proceed. Everyone needs to stick together in this because it
could ultimately affect us all, nt just me.
     P.S. Please spread this message around on any other
systems that you access. Thanks.  Tom Tcimpidis 5/21/84



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