A 7-day life cycle…

I live life on a 7-day cycle, it can be seen as Su-Sa, or Mo-Su, regardless its 7 days in a week, not another number. So working on SEVEN Days…

  • (Sunday)* – Up at 3:15am, to get ready and to the swap meet (5am),
    • Over at 2pm, finish packing up (4pm) and go home (5pm<).
  • Monday – DAY OFF \ Working at office w/associate for 4hr (1-5pm).
  • Tuesday – Santa Clarita Swap Meet, up at 4am, home by 4pm.
  • Wednesday – 11am to 5pm at the “Junk Store”*
  • Thursday – 11am to 5pm at the “Junk Store”*
  • Friday – 11am to 5pm at the “Junk Store”*
  • Saturday – 11am to 5pm at the “Junk Store”*
  • *Sunday – REPEAT (see above).
    • I see the “week” starting on a Monday, and ending with the weekend where I did shows, swap meeting and other marketplaces (ie: Computer Shows, Gun Shows, etc).
    • So, the week ended with that week-end’s event(s).
    • But starting this list with a “Day Off” seemed like a bad idea. 🙂
    • That said, I was opened on Monday’s and had Thursday’s off (delivering the newspaper).

* This includes working in the thrift (Junk) store, i.e.: answering phone, welcoming customers, and contacting any transaction for goods, and/or entry in database of items to look for. This time is also used to list items on eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, Facebook, among other online marketplaces.

I did the math, that’s 55 hours a week and no days off.



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