Age 59

Random thoughts… (originally “several notes”).

  • “31 days” report at eBay has me at $1065+ with an net of $670+.
    • Not bad, but need more…
  • Random thought: I was 37 years ago today, when in that summer of 1986 I was in my “office” and answered the phone, taking an order that was shipping to Canada. It was only after the call was over as I was writing up the order, I entered the day, 07/04 and realized what no one had called me that day…
    • Seem I’ve been in business for many, many years… Going back to when orders were hand written, and either received by mail, fax or telephone.
  • Fun Fact, that was 37 years ago, with the 701 number, I’ve owned that number that many years? OMG!!!
  • eBay, that is coming up on 25 years itself this fall, wow $1M*+.

* Ask me about selling on eBay if you want to hear the story…



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